October 5

Bad Ass Woman: Shania Twain’s “She’s not Just a Pretty Face”

A woman, as defined by the dictionary, is a female person who cleans the house, cooks, washes the dishes, etc. Well, so much for stereotyping, but if we will look back in history, there’s a lot of female personalities who shined and dominated the patriarchal hierarchy.

Anyway, aside from their physical appearance, we can say that they can be a badass too. Sometimes, we forget that being a great person is not measured by gender.

“The Woman Who Can Work It Out”

Shania Twain, or also addressed as the “Queen of Country Pop,”- is a Canadian singer-songwriter who sold over 100 million records. All in all, labeling her as the best-selling female Country Music Artist in history. I bet, this woman sure knows what she wants and she will not be intimidated by men who are dominating the Country Music Industry.  On an interview she said,

“In other genres the midriff thing was so not a new thing. It was just a new thing to country. I think the acceptance of it from me just came with the fact that I was not traditional in so many ways. It was just part of who I was. They eventually embraced who I was, creatively and artistically.There was some push back from traditionalists. I’d say it was a sexist thing. That sexist attitude? Even some women supported that!” she added.

Regardless of her success and raining achievements and awards, other critics still shoot down her with their arrow. But, she will not surrender without a fight. During interviews, she is not afraid to take dissenting narratives, and she always gives them a piece of her mind. Not to mention that some of her songs are about women empowerment.

“What Women can do.”

Initially, women are regarded as persons who stay in the house and do the cookin’, cleanin’-, and washin’. Eventually, this song breaks all the barriers that women can do a man’s job. “She’s Not Just a Pretty Face”, was co-written by Twain and it is included on her album “Up” as her fourth country single. Due to its striking message, the song slammed at no. 10 on Billboard Country.

The lyrics of the song portrays a strong woman who can handle a lot of things. Admittedly, I liked the song because it did not just break boundaries, in a way, it became an eye opener that a woman can be another person from what we traditionally know. Music is an area where the artist can push boundaries, challenge stereotypical attitudes and even change the mind of societies.

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