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“She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore,” She Finds Freedom in Letting Go


"She's Not Cryin' Anymore," She Finds Freedom in Letting Go 1
Billy Ray Cyrus (image from Youtube)

People who have been there can attest that longtime married partners sometimes forget to rekindle the warmth of their love because of familiarity. Husbands especially, get used of having their wife who takes care of everything.

Most of the time, these men forget or feel like it is not necessary to arrange dates or celebrations during special dates of their relationship. Those words of love and appreciation still mean so much for wives even if they’ve been with their partners for a very long time. A woman’s love may be generous and selfless, but human as they are, they too, get tired. And when they’re tired, they look for restitution where they’ll find themselves and be happy once again.

 “She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore”

She’s not cryin’ anymore
She ain’t lonely any longer
There’s a smile upon her face
A new love takes my place
She’s not cryin’ anymore

"She's Not Cryin' Anymore," She Finds Freedom in Letting Go 2
She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore (image from Youtube)

A song that laments on losing a woman because her love was taken for granted, “She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore” is a song co-written and recorded by Billy Ray Cyrus. He wrote the song with Buddy Cannon and Terry Shelton. The narrator expresses his regret for having ignored the woman he was with when she needed to be loved. She then gets tired and finds her way out.

The song is from his debut album, Some Gave All released in January 1993. For the record, the song reached number six on the country charts, peaked number seventy on the Billboard Hot 100, number three on the RPM Country Singles chart and number 57 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs.

The music video, premiered in early 1993, was directed by Marc Ball. Deena Dill plays Billy Ray’s love interest.

The secret to long-lasting relationship

"She's Not Cryin' Anymore," She Finds Freedom in Letting Go 3
image from (img.izismile.com)

Couples who’ve been through the thick and thins of relationship reveal the sole secret to triumph challenges of partnership. They all agree that the core element of a successful relationship, especially in marriage is time. However, busy as couples are, they should still find time to spend time together, especially on special occasions. The luxury of the celebration or date is not the issue but the flame of love that needs to be rekindled from time to time.

So fella, get up and plan for a special date with your partner before you find out that “She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore.”

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