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Sheryl Crow’s “Shotgun” Reminds Us to Live Life to the Fullest

sheryl crow shotgun

Shotgun” Chart Performance

Sheryl Crow recorded and co-wrote the song “Shotgun” in 2014. It was included as a single in her studio album, Feels Like Home. John Shanks, Kelly Lovelace, and Chris DuBois co-wrote the song with Sheryl. Her song peaked only at No. 51 on the U.S. Country Airplay Charts in 2014 and remained there for only 7 weeks. While her album, Feels Like Home, peaked at No. 3 on the U.S. Billboard Top Country Albums for 14 weeks, in 2013.

What Does Crow mean by “Shotgun”

You have to listen to Sheryl Crow’s song before you judge it by its title. It ain’t about those machines used to kill people. “Shotgun” in Sheryl Crow’s song talks about riding shotgun, a common phrase used to mean sitting next to the driver. Moreover, it was used in the past to mean giving aid to the driver in need by using a shotgun to defend whenever there is a bandit.

Sheryl Crow Lyrics of the Song

In Crow’s song about living your life to the fullest, with no regrets or no hesitations. She talks about traveling to different places in her car and experiencing life. In the song, the first line of the chorus goes like this,

“Drive it like it’s stolen, park like it’s rented”

Crow was inspired by her father that’s why she included it as part of the song. Sheryl believed that life should be lived in that way. Overall, it’s about living carefully, but at the same time living like there’s no tomorrow.

“What good is your money if you ain’t gonna spend it?”

A lyrics of the song that reminds us that money may be important, however, what matters most is using it in the right way. It’s simply telling us to use the money we work hard for, to do the things that will make us happy, like travelling or trying something new, or saying yes to adventures. Crow’s song is a good reminder for us to not waste every single day of our life. Since, we will never know when life will end, so we better make the most out of every day.


Sometimes it’s difficult to spend the money we earn to do the things that we love. However, the question is what we are going to do with all the money we have. We all know that money is important, since it allows us to buy what we want or have what we need. Yet, life is uncertain. Today you are alive and doing your routine, then the next day everything’s gone. Therefore, while you can do the things you love and don’t think about anything else.


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