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Sherrie Austin’s Song “Streets of Heaven” Will Bring You to Tears

Sherrie Austin’s Song “Streets of Heaven” Will Bring You to Tears 1
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It is difficult to watch the person you love the most fight for their life. You do not know what to do. You do not know if there is anything that can be done. However, the only thing we are sure of is that we can pray to God. However, sometimes even if we pray for the person we love to get well and be fine, certain things do not just happen. It is not because God does not listen to our prayer but God is doing what is best for us and for the person we love.

“Streets of Heaven” Chart Performance

A sad song which was written by Sherrie Austin, Paul Duncan, and Al Kasha will bring you to tears when you listen to it. “Streets of Heaven” is recorded by Sherrie Austin in 2003 for her album Streets of Heaven. Her song reached No. 18 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Her album Streets of Heaven also made it to the Billboard Top Country Albums chart at No. 22. Moreover, her album remained on the chart for a total of 22 weeks.

About the Song

“Streets of Heaven” is a sad song that tells a story of a mother praying to God to not take away her seven-year-old child. The mother, at first, seems to have a feeling of anger as she questions God why He has to take away her daughter at a very young age. However, towards the end of the song, the mother reached a realization and accepted the fact that her daughter will leave her soon. She accepted that maybe it is best for her daughter too. Therefore, she asked God to watch over her and make sure she is safe when she crosses the streets of heaven.

Sherrie Austin, The Artist

Sherrie Austin is an Australian country singer who started singing at the age of 14. Sherrie got to sing for Johnny Cash when she was 14. She has released six studio album. Love in the Real World is Sherrie’s highest charting album. She has 11 songs that entered the Billboard chart in the US and in Canada. Her highest charting song is “Streets of Heaven” in 2003.

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Sherrie Austin, Streets of Heaven

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