January 15

For Children Gone Too Soon: Sherri Austin’s Streets of Heaven

Bothered by the consecutive deaths of youths and children, it made me listen to songs about coping grief and loss. After playing a few tracks, I was finally brought to an early 2000 tune called Streets of Heaven.

From its release in 2003, Streets of Heaven tugged many hearts. It spoke most strongly to parents who may have experienced the loss of a child. If you haven’t heard of it yet, and you have kids, then you’d better too. The lyrics, the melody, and the singing are a must hear.

“Streets of Heaven” by Sherri Austin

Song Facts

This single was a collaboration among Australian singer-actress, Sherri Austin and co-writers Paul Duncan and Al Kasha. It was also her fourth album and her biggest country hit. The song reached #18 on the billboard for US Hot 100.  Reception among listeners was warm though it did not cause much of a stir among avid country fans. Regardless, Streets of Heaven became one of the classics we’d want to keep on our playlist.

What’s In It?

It’s a prayer song by a mom talking to God near her daughter’s hospital bed. She makes an appeal for Him to spare her life. The girl is just seven and she has more living to do with them. Besides, she’ll be him forever when the time comes to depart her earthly home, but not too soon. At the end of her prayer though, she just begged God to look after her dear child once she crosses the streets of heaven.

What to Love About It?

Content highlights the unquantified love of mothers. They would do anything and would never give up on their children. This was seen in all the words of plea written in the song.

 Maintaining recognition and trust in God. The wordings were honest in presenting the thoughts and emotions of a mom over her dying child. Nevertheless, there was a resignation in God’s purposes, as hard as they may be to accept.


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