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If You’re Gonna Love Me, “I Wanna Be Loved Like That”

If You're Gonna Love Me, "I Wanna Be Loved Like That" 1
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I believe all of us once had a picture of an ideal relationship. We definitely know that nothing on this Earth is perfect. However, we have faith in the existence of a true love that could transcend through the stitches and burns of life.

A number of couples from all around have been tried and tested by time. They can testify about the power of love that can dethrone all threatening elements that would try to destroy a relationship. Pain and sacrifice tag along with the notion of love. But then again, we shall not set aside the profound gratification brought by the feeling of being in love.

A Song that Elevates the Human Experience and Resonates Forever

If You're Gonna Love Me, "I Wanna Be Loved Like That" 2
Shenandoah (image from Chattanooga Times Free Press)

Shenandoah once again exemplifies the true nature of Country music with their top hit, “I Wanna Be Loved Like That.”  The song shares a poignant message, accompanied by exceptional musical arrangement from the band.

The song is from the creative writing of Phil Barnhart, Sam Hogin, and Bill LaBounty. It gives shout-outs to some of love’s greatest stories. The narrator mentions the famed Hollywood stars, Natalie Wood and James Dean. The two starred on a big-screen romance movie, Rebel Without a Cause. He also includes the affection he witnessed from his parents, it’s a kind of love that doesn’t demand the luxuries of life.

True love exists, and it lasts forever

An old man kneeling all alone
Plants his flowers in a garden of stone
For seven years now she’s been gone
And his devotion is still going strong

The last paragraph of the song tells of a man, who keeps his love to a woman even after her passing. His heart still strongly beats for her. This suggests a devotion that remains ‘till death do their part, it’s a promise that won’t break. Separation cannot cool a strongly founded love down.

In the end, the narrator expresses his hope to find a romance that can compare to those love stories he saw. And I guess, it is just right to ask for such, as long as we also make ourselves worthy for that kind of love.

I want to be loved like that
A promise, you can’t take back
If you’re gonna love me
I want to be loved like that

Feel the warmth of love breezing around, as Shenandoah serenades you with their song.

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I Wanna Be Loved Like That, Shenandoah

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