June 27

When Blake Shelton Actually Named a Parrot Instead of Dogs

When Blake Shelton Actually Named a Parrot Instead of Dogs 1
Gwen Stefani | Photo credit: usmagazine.com

In his song I’ll Name the Dogs,” Blake Shelton agreed to name the dogs while giving the task of naming the babies to his partner. But in real life, the singer just named a parrot pet that his girlfriend Gwen Stefani recently bought. Without any hesitation, the country-singer decided to name Gwen’s pet and he even boasts it. Could this be just another indication of their relationship approaching the serious stage? Why not, right? To emphasize, since the couple’s romance blossomed three years ago, it just gets stronger with time.

In an interview, Blake talked more about the pet and its name. He gave the pet a name Dodo. Although such wasn’t that original, the Austinsinger feels proud for doing so. The Oklahoma native also admitted his dislike toward the parrot. In particular, he complains about the irritating sound the pet makes.

“All it’s learned how to do is make the same sound that your shoes make when they squeak on the floor. The most annoying sound you’ve ever heard in your life.”

He added that there are times when he’s alone in the house and the pet starts making the annoying sound. The singer has oftentimes mistaken it to be someone visiting. Much to his dismay, it’s just Dodo being around. Perhaps in the near future, the couple will have a dog that Blake can name. And, maybe such is more adorable compared to his girlfriend’s parrot.

When Blake Shelton Actually Named a Parrot Instead of Dogs 2
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani | Photo credit: canoe.com

On Tour

Currently, both Shelton and Stefani are busy with their respective musical tours. This coming July 6, he’ll be rocking different festivals in various locations. You can further check online details of his upcoming tours. And, you might want to book your tickets now while slots are still available. Meanwhile, let Shelton turn us on by listening to one of his singles from his latest album Texoma Shore. Listen to the song called “Turnin’ Me On” below.

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