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Ricky Van Shelton Made “Don’t We All Have the Right” No. 1

We are just human. We make mistakes because we don’t know what will happen next. Sometimes we think certain things will happen, but it doesn’t. We assume that the person we love will come back, but they don’t. However, it’s fine if we think that way and it doesn’t work out.

Ricky Van Shelton
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The Content of the Song

Ricky Van Shelton emphasized that we have the right to be wrong in his song “Don’t We All Have the Right.” The single is not only about freedom, but also love is part of its theme. In the song, the narrator and his lover had a fight. They normally do it all the time. Therefore, the man assumes that his lover will leave for a while and come back. However, this time she was finally gone. He realized that he was wrong to think she will forgive him again and return. Now he is left alone and heartbroken.

I thought she’d
Come back again
Don’t we all
Have the right
To be wrong

The Song, “Don’t We All Have the Right”

Roger Miller wrote the song “Don’t We All Have the Right” and recorded it in 1970. Miller wasn’t able to chart the song. When Ricky recorded the song, he achieved his third number one on the Billboard country chart with it. In addition, it also became number one on the Canadian chart. Ricky included the single on his first studio album Wild-Eyed Dream.

The Album, Wild-Eyed Dream

Wild-Eyed Dream became his first number one album on the chart. It was Platinum-certified in Canada and the US. Ricky recorded the songs on this album in 1986 and released it in 1987. Furthermore, he recorded songs from other artists, such as Merle Haggard’s “Working Man’s Blues,” Mel Tillis’ “Life Turned Her That Way,” Buck Owens’ “I Don’t Care,” and more.


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