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Ricky Van Shelton and The Story Behind His “Crime of Passion”


ricky van shelton crime of passion
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How far will you go in the name of love? Will you do anything for someone you love even though you barely know them? Love can do crazy things to people which can lead to something bad or sometimes something good. A country song entitled “Crime of Passion” has the same theme about doing anything for the name of love.

“Crime of Passion:” Chart Performance

In 1987, Ricky Van Shelton released a song called “Crime of Passion” as the second single on his first studio album Wild-Eyed Dream. Walt Aldridge and Mac McAnally wrote the song for Shelton. The song entered the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at No. 7. It also entered the Canadian chart at No. 1.

Wild-Eyed Dream Album

Shelton’s song not only entered the chart but the album also secured a position on the chart. Wild-Eyed Dream placed at No. 1 on the Top Country Album charts and No. 76 on the Billboard 200. Shelton’s album also charted an additional of four more songs from his album. His first No. 1 song on the chart came from his first album, “Somebody Lied.” It was followed by “Life Turned Her That Way” and “Don’t We All Have the Right” which both peaked at No. 1. The lead single of his album, “Wild-Eyed Dream,” reached No. 24 on the Billboard Country chart. His first album was a success and it helped him make a name in the world of country music.

The Content of the Song

“Crime of Passion” is a song about a man who did something for his lover. She picked him up but the man said there is nothing he can offer her. Therefore, she suggested that they rob a place to have some money. After they rob a gas station, a policeman arrives at the scene of the crime and the woman turns over the narrator to the police officer. The man in the gas station also tells the policeman that it was only the narrator’s fault. It turns out that the man in the gas station is the woman’s soon-to-be ex-husband. Therefore, the narrator was fooled by the woman and he was blinded because of love.

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