May 22

“Believe” in this Encouraging Brooks & Dunn Track

Believe—this song from Brooks and Dunn will give listeners all the inspiration they need. Taking a break from their dancefloor tracks like Boot-Scootin’ Boogie, the duo delivers a deeply touching number to their fans. The song was written by Craig Wiseman and Ronnie Dunn and was released as the second single from their Hillbilly Deluxe album in 2005. In 2010, RnB singer, Jennifer Hudson performed Believe at ACM Presents Brooks & Dunn – The Last Rodeo,  a CBS television special.

If you’ve ever questioned if Reba McEntire sang the Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, we’ve got answers for you in a separate article.

Brooks and Dunn won Single of the Year and Music Video of the Year during the 2006 CMA Awards, thanks to this emotionally moving hit. It is mostly an acoustic ballad coupled with an organ and an acoustic guitar. The story behind Believe is the heart-wrenching background of an old man who lost his wife and child. The narrator encounters the old man and refers to him as ‘Old Man Wrigley.’ In the first stanza of the song, it was described that the narrator became good friends with the old man. Their friendship began after the narrator’s mom sent him to the old man’s place to bring him a variety of things like groceries, clothes, the newspaper, and food. It was through their exchanged small talks that the boy in the song discovers the Old Man Wrigley is a widower who has also lost his son. Curious, the narrator pries deeper into the musings of his older friend, asking how he could still keep his sanity over such a tragic loss in his life. In response, the Old Man Wrigley discloses that remains hopeful as he acclaims God’s mysterious works and acknowledges the possibility of meeting his family in the afterlife, despite having to go through hardships first.

The verse following the first bittersweet lines will surely crush the hearts of listeners as it describes how the narrator discovers that his friend passed away. He died after the boy moved out of town to pursue his studies as a college student. Shocked, overwhelmed and deeply saddened, he then begins to think back to the memories they’ve shared together. Particularly, the narrator reflected on the words that Old Man Wrigley imprinted in his mind about the death of his loved ones. It was then that he realized, he felt the same way about his late friend. He knew and felt strongly that the man deserved to be in Heaven, where his family had been waiting for him for the longest of time. Finally, during the last part of the song, it was clearly conveyed that the narrator asserts his faith while he was attending the funeral of his dear pal.

Believe is a definite thought-provoker, and it will leave anyone who listens to it ponder more deeply about life. Death is inevitable, and sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective and a more open mind for us to truly understand that leaving this world does not always mean a tragic ending for us. It only reminds us that life is short and that each day should be lived with honor, love, forgiveness, sincerity and the simplest forms of happiness.



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