August 8

Shania Twain Takes On Infidelity With Her New Song “Poor Me”

As I have written before, Life’s About to Get Good not only for me but Shania Twain as well. Her second single is out called “Poor Me.”   Although it has a pop-ish sound compared to other songs that she has recorded, it has a very deep message of dealing with infidelity and how painful it was. However, instead of focusing on all of her pain, she has managed to deal with it the best she knows through a song. Rather than weltering in self-pity, she chose to keep moving forward.

Last June, she also had a performance of “Swinging With My Eyes Closed,” during an early morning visit to Today.

Twain’s fifth album is scheduled for release on Sept. 29.  Although Twain officially retired from touring years ago, she might not be done just yet. Rumor has it that Shania and Garth Brooks will be working on some collaboration by the end of the year with a few performances. She has had several live appearances since her come back so I presume that we are definitely going to see more of her. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for some more good news.

Here is the lyric video of “Poor Me”


As she shared the track listing of her album “Now,” we can see the musical variety and emotional range of it.

“I’ve got happy moments, I’ve got sad moments,” Twain tells Rolling Stone Country of the collection. “And I had to decide what I wanted the album to be. And I wanted the diversity of emotions in there, so I had to basically pull out things that were leaning the balance any one direction too much.”  

Personally, I feel that it’s normal and healthy to just let the emotions in. Whether it be positive or negative, embracing the self-pity can also help us sort things out. For Shania, it’s through this song that she did and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“That’s the farthest side of feeling really sorry for myself, you know, in life, and I’ve been there many times in my life over various things,” says Twain. “To me, [that song] was the epitome of that emotion.”

Cheers to Shania! You go girl!


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