January 12

Shania Twain Roasts Meghan Trainor in Rap Battle

Shania Twain Roasts Meghan Trainor in Rap Battle 1

Who could not resist seeing two great songstresses of different generations battle up for gold?

That’s right! It’s the rap battle between two Grammy winners: Canadian country artist Shania Twain and American pop singer Meghan Trainor.

In the latest rap battle on TBSDrop The Mic, January 9 (Tuesday), Twain and Trainer exchanged friendly disses and cutting jabs, yet still remained composed and relaxed.

The Rap Battle

Trainor started the clash nailing the lines

“When I was told I’d be battling one of my idols

I wondered if beating her was worth the title

When they told me who, I said ‘beg your pardon?’

Shania Twain, no problem, I thought you meant Dolly Parton.”


Shania Twain Roasts Meghan Trainor in Rap Battle 2

That was a burn! But Twain impeccably ran the youngster into the ground, and worked this response

“I ran into trouble when my voice was disappearing

but after hearing your new song I wish it were my hearing,”

“I’ve sold a hundred million albums in my career

but I’m super proud of you Meghan, you’ve had a couple fun years.”

The roast didn’t last long, and soon Trainor broke down and admitted

“I wrote this mean rap because they forced me to,

But the truth is, my whole life, I’ve been obsessed with you,”

and gave Twain a hug. In response, Twain gave a little more jab,

“It’s cute you’re obsessed, like everyone else,”

“Of course you like my music that’s obviously true,

because if there was no Shania, there’d be no you.”

but reciprocated the love at the end saying

“And I know we’re battling to see who’s meaner

But I love you girl, I didn’t want to do this either.”

The two artists then gave hugs to each other stirring the audience to cheers and applause.

Shania Twain Roasts Meghan Trainor in Rap Battle 3

Who won the battle?

Co-hosts Method Man and Hailey Baldwin together with the audience were so impressed that the rap battle can be considered as one of the best in the show.

Eventually, they decided both artists deserved to win, thus, handed out two gold microphone-shaped trophies.

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Watch the two battle out and show their rapping skills below.



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