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Shania Twain Empowers Women in “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”


Shania Twain Empowers Women in "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" 1
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About the Song

A country pop song that hit in the late 1990s, “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” was recorded and performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Shania Twain. It was taken from her third studio album, Come on Over in 1997. Actually, Twain co-wrote it with ex-husband and music producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who also produced the song. Initially, the song was first released in North America in March 1999, two years after it was recorded. It became the seventh single from her album. Six months later, it was released worldwide where it became a popular hit.

Twain does not only exude an outstanding vocal ability but more importantly, she delivers a message to all women around the world through the song. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” sends a theme that empowers women. Nowadays, though women have not yet fully shattered the glass barrier, they have the right to do what men can do. After all, everyone is free to accomplish whatever he or she can.

In an interview with Billboard, Twain revealed and elaborated on the meaning of the song:

“That song started with the title, then it kind of wrote itself. The whole expression is a celebration of being a woman these days, I think we’re kind of spoiled in a lot of ways, with the advantages we have. Feminists may not feel that way, but I do. It’s pretty darn fun to be a woman.”

Moreover, “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” received favorable reviews and reactions both from music critics and audience. Twain was all praises with the song’s attitude and musicality as well as her vocal abilities. In addition, the song penetrated the music charts as the new millennium approached. It was successful reaching the Top Ten in six countries while entering the music charts in more than 17 countries. Most noteworthy, RIAA certified the song platinum after 1,000,000 digital downloads.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” earned Twain a Grammy in 2000 for the Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

Song’s Creation and Background

The creation of the song has had its own story. Before Shania Twain and Robert John Lange came up with the lyrics of the song, Twain recollected some of her memories when she worked at Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario. Then, she was the family’s breadwinner after her parents died in a car accident. Furthermore, she recalls watching some drag performers working at the resort and credits them as her inspiration. This story was then the inspiration of the title and lyrics of the song.

Shania Twain Empowers Women in "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" 2
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Kristin Callahan/ACE Picture/REX/Shutterstock (8870770aa) Shania Twain ‘Today’ Show Citi Concert Series, New York, USA – 16 Jun 2017

In 1994, Lange presented a riff he had been working on to Twain. On the other hand, Twain sang the lyrics with which it would become her 1999 hit “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!“. Twain had something to say about the song, she said:

“There was no time to waste on ideas that wouldn’t make the album, but something like [the song] was just there. I was inspired right off the bat with that one, for example, by a riff Mutt had going, and the lyrics and phrasing just came out of the blue.”

WATCH: Shania Twain’s defining song “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” music video.

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