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“Life’s About to Get Good”: Shania Twain’s Comeback Song

Who would have forgotten the Queen of Country Pop who rose to stardom in the 1990s producing massive hits that stormed the charts? Yes, it is, Shania Twain is really back. For over a decade of hiatus from the limelight, Twain comes back not with revenge but with a rebirth of her soul chasing the success that she once had.

With this comeback, Twain wants to show to the world that she was shattered but she has totally put herself back into pieces. Indeed, she is a strong woman and wants her ex-husband to know that she is now happy with his husband Frédéric Thiébaud and her life is about to be good. With this, she has a song dedicated to this infamous experience in her life.

Just a year ago, her name started roaming around the country. She released her latest single “Life’s About to Get Good” which is obviously about her life. The country superstar sings all about her moving on from the failed relationship she had with ex-husband Robert John Lange. She revealed that he “broke and shattered” her years ago but now, she has fully moved on.

About the Song

A three-minute country-pop hit, “Life’s About to Get Good” was penned and recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter Shania Twain. It was officially released on June 15, 2017, as the lead single of her fifth studio album, Now. As a matter of fact, Twain herself together with record producers Ron Aniello and Matthew Koma produced the song under the Mercury Nashville Records.

After its release, “Life’s About to Get Good” has received warm appreciation from the audience as well as music critics praising her with her story. To note, Jon Freeman of the Rolling Stone Magazine described the song as,

“a bouncy, optimistic number about moving from troubled times into better days.”

In addition, Freeman elaborated in his article that,

“the tune has a touch of Jeff Lynne’s hyper-melodic work with Electric Light Orchestra in its DNA, from the stacked harmonies to the bright combination of chords.”

On the other hand, Billboard correspondent Andrew Unterberger called the track as,

“a rollicking anthem of folk-pop perseverance with a gently throbbing pulse”, and “It’s marvelous, it’s irresistible – it’s Come On Over-worthy, which 20 years later is still pretty much the highest compliment you can give to a song of its ilk.”

About the Video

In her new single, Twain has also released an accompanying music video center on a topic very relevant to her life. “Life’s About to Get Good” preaches that life is all about joy at the same time pain. But with all these themes of the video, no one can deny the several costume changes of Twain which became her trademark in her videos.

Moreover, Twain’s videos are known for their dynamic visuals. In the video, she was on a beach clothed in a flowing blue and green gown and later seen dancing in the last part of the video. Additionally, she pays tribute also to her 1997 hit “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” with her video.

WATCH: Shania Twain is sensational in her 2017 comeback song “Life’s About to Get Good”.


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