December 13

Shania Twain: My Favorites about Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year indeed and I am but excited about all the holiday cheer spreading as I see sparkling Christmas lights and seeing setup Christmas trees and decorations. Well, my idol,  Shania Twain is also getting into the holiday spirit.

On Tuesday morning (December 12), Twain posted a new video on social media. She shares some of her favorite things about the holidays. The setting is in her home, seating on a couch beside her dog. It is apparent that she is also going through Christmas decorations in a box.

“My favorite thing about the holidays, I love decorating the Christmas tree together with everybody and togetherness,” she says. “I love that about Christmas.”

If you are a big fan, why not take part in her sweepstakes called the 12 Days of Shania?  You can get access to the entire two-minute video where she talks about her favorite Christmas memory in detail. She also talks about her favorite place to spend the holidays.

In the video, you can see an emotional Shania recalling the last Christmas she spent with her parents when they were still alive. A bitter-sweet smile flashes across her face as she reminisces the memory of being in a cabin with no electric power. And, her mother cooking Christmas dinner the old-fashion way, in a wood stove.

“Christmas Eve dinner is the one time I really look forward to with family,” she says, admitting that she prefers it over Christmas Day.

When asked where might Twain be spending Christmas this year?

“My favorite place to spend the holidays is in the snow,” she admits. “Anywhere where there’s lots of white stuff.”

Well, I’m sure that many of us can relate to Shania’s favorite things about Christmas. Nothing beats Christmas at home and family because that’s where our heart is.


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