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Celebrating Shania Twain’s Birthday with Her Greatest Hits

Celebrating Shania Twain's Birthday with Her Greatest Hits 1
Shania Twain | Photo Credits:

The 1990s saw a revolutionary stand for women. For decades, women were not given as much spotlight as they have nowadays. This era, however, showed more women stronger than ever. In pop music, many fans witnessed the rise of stars such as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. In country music, on the other hand, there is Shania Twain.

These artists have strengthened the term “girl power” and their songs have become standard music on the radio around the world. As for Shania Twain, combining country and pop in her music was a strategic move for her international success. This has earned her the title, The Queen of Country Pop.

A Queen is Born

Born on August 28, 1965, Eilleen Regina Edwards or more popularly known as Shania Twain first saw the light of this world in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. At an early age, she was a music lover. She began crafting songs at the age of 10. However, the divorce of her parents plagued her family. Soon, her mother, Sharon, remarried to a man named Jerry Twain. He then adopted Sharon’s daughters.

Behind the limelight, Shania revealed that her childhood was not an easy one at all. In fact, her family often struggled to make ends meet. Also, Her stepfather, Jerry, had a violent streak. On some occasions, he would attack and abuse Shania’s mother, Sharon. She also experienced verbal abuse from him.

Despite all these, Shania found peace in music. It has become her haven and comfort. Over time, Sharon embraced her daughter’s talent and would even sacrifice some of the family’s expenses just to get Shania to lessons and gigs. This gave her an opportunity to perform in clubs and community events. At times, she has also forayed into TV and radio.

Her Top Hits

woman singing
Shania Twain | Photo Credits:

After a series of attempts, Shania Twain found her career combining country and pop music in the ’90s. She produced a number of singles and albums, but her biggest break was her second album, The Woman in Me, in 1995. Two years later, it was followed by another success for her album Come On Over, which sold over 40 million records. In addition, Come On Over became the bestselling album by a female artist and the top country music record as well. This gave her five Grammy awards in her career. Indeed, she has sung her way to success and stardom.

Twain released many chart-topping hits, but these have become her trademark songs. Here are five of her greatest hits in no particular order:

1. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” (1997)

2. “You’re Still the One” (1998)

3. “From This Moment On” (1998)

4. “That Don’t Impress Me Much” (1998)

5. “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)” (1997)

6. “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!” (2002)

7. “If You’re Not in It for Love (I’m Outta Here)” (1995)

8. “Forever and for Always” (2002)

9. “What Made You Say That” (1993)

10. “Life’s About to Get Good” (2017)

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