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That Time When Shania and Billy Hosted A “Party For Two”

Shania Twains list of duet partners throughout her career could act as a who’s who of the music industry, ranging everywhere from NSYNC to Nick Jonas. But one of her most successful duets was when she teamed up with a fellow country star.

That Time When Shania and Billy Hosted A "Party For Two" 1

Power Pair!

Twain joined forces with label mate Billy Currington for the flirty hit, “Party for Two” in 2004. It was the lead single off of her Greatest Hits compilation and became Twain’s 16th top 10 single.

The song is a back-and-forth conversation with Twain egging Currington to come to her party. This song is a duet, where Shania entices a guy to come over for a party. He resists at first, but when she makes it clear that the party will be just the two of them, he finds the idea more appealing.

Twain wrote this with her ex-husband Mutt Lange, who is a very successful producer. Twain, who was known as a Country singer, became a crossover star with the help of Lange, who added a Pop sheen to her songs. They were married from 1993-2008.

The music video is just as fun as the song, featuring Twain and Currington roaming the streets of London getting ready for their party. The closing scene depicts the pair at a fancy dinner table, which seconds as their personal dance floor. In the end, they are swinging from the chandelier and appear to be having a blast.

“Party for Two”

“Party for Two” was a huge commercial success for Twain and Currington as well. Currington was new on the country music scene and was still a year away from his first No. 1 single. This exposure launched him into the limelight where he has stayed ever since.

Two versions of this song were produced: A Pop version with Mark McGrath and a Country version with Billy Currington. While Shania could get airplay on both Country and Pop radio stations, finding a male duet partner who could do the same would prove difficult, so the two versions maximized airplay.

Shania is, by all counts, still the one. Her songs, like the artist herself, are timeless.

The Canadian country-pop queen reigned the airwaves in the 1990s, blasting out woman-empowering anthems and sensitive ballads that consistently climbed the charts and left fans wanting more. Twain’s captivating voice, sassy attitude and whistle-worthy good looks are just a few reasons why she has become the country icon we know today.

On the other hand, Billy Currington’s songs are musically diverse.

From laid-back, good-time anthems, to serious traditional country songs and soulful ballads, he has run the musical gamut in his recording career. But his songs all have common elements, including strong melodies, well-written lyrics and great, no-nonsense productions that bring out the best qualities in each tune.

Indeed, when two country stars collaborate for a song, it either becomes a legend or a masterpiece.


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