September 21

Shania Talks More About Her New Album “Now”

“It was really just all about me speaking everything that was in my heart and mind.” 

It has been four months ago when Shania Twain teased us with her long-awaited new album for media in Nashville. She was, in fact, very nervous when she first met the group because she was unsure of how she will be received after her 15-year hiatus. She just remained true to herself and honestly stated that the album is about her life right now, so as the album “Now.”

Her highly anticipated album will be up for grabs on the 29th of September. 15 years after her previous full-length Up! Imagine that, 15 years of challenges that she, as a strong she is, had to go through and live with. From her divorce, raising a son, falling in love again, remarrying, Lyme disease and dysphonia. She survived it all!


With therapy, Twain was able to return to performing – first through her two-year Caesars Palace residency Still the One, and later with the Rock This Country tour – and recording some of the songs she had written. She learned to adapt to her new limitations. “My voice will never be the same again, I doubt very much,” she tells Rolling Stone Country, in Nashville again several weeks later.

“I’ve already gone through a lot of work, and as you get older it actually gets harder.”

A 90s Icon

What made us fall in love with Shania Twain in the 90s is her clever and forward-thinking songs that hooked us. Showing what a modern woman should be. Strong and determined. From her hardscrabble childhood in Ontario, Canada, to the tragic deaths of her mother and stepfather in a car accident and having to sing to support her sisters, Twain has been beset with abandonment and struggle from the very beginning. She is the epitome of rising above one’s circumstances, but her vocal cord problems and her long absence from the public eye were entirely new obstacles to overcome.

Her Album

Twain also implicitly expressed that the album doesn’t sound like her blockbuster recordings from the Lange era. She stretches out stylistically, flitting between down-tempo pop in the vein of Dido (“Light of My Life”), arena-ready Mumford & Sons-style folk-rock (“Home Now”), vulnerable country balladry (“Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl”) and even sprightly, tropically flavored dance music (“Let’s Kiss and Make Up”), singing about finding her way through adversity or getting over heartbreak. She makes multiple references to betrayal (“It killed me that you’d give your life to be with her,” she sings in the bouncy lead single “Life’s About to Get Good”) that could easily be read as a reference to her divorce, but Twain is adamant that Now, as she says, “is not a divorce album.”

Her new album is the sound of a world-class entertainer looking for her own path once again, someone who’s continually calibrating her style for a new set of audience that she needs to influence through her music. It’s a totally different generation for her to cater to if she wants to continue to make music. One thing is for sure though, we will support and love you just as we did 15 years ago. You are an inspiration to a lot of women who refuses to back down and rise above no matter what life gives you.


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