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Every Woman’s Soul Would Fall For “Serenaded by Angels”

Every Woman’s Soul Would Fall For “Serenaded by Angels” 1

One of the most romantic moments in the life of a woman is when a guy serenades her. And if both have mutual affection toward each other, that would add to the steaminess of the scene. But what if you’re a woman and dreamed that angels serenaded you. Would you consider such experience your most memorable of all? Why not? That’s one of a kind, isn’t it? Well, if you’re not so convinced, try listening to this song and imbibe every feeling that each word radiates. The song is called “Serenaded by Angels” written and recorded by Kirk Talley. Although the song sounds more about death, it conveys a charming vibe that deeply touches every listener’s heart.

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Brief Song Background

When Talley decided to pursue a solo career in 1993, his music continued to flourish and gain favorable audience acceptance. Following the success of his first project titled I Speak To You, Kirk released another major record named Serenade.The album produced two top 10 singles. This includes the song “Serenaded by Angels”  together with “If He Hung the Moon.” In addition to being a top 10 lister, ” Serenaded by Angels”  also earned Talley a string of awards at the 1996 National Quartet Convention. The Gospel Voice Magazine presented him with three Diamond Awards for the said song: Soloist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Song of the Year. Moreover, the Singing News Magazine made sure that Talley knew the effect he had on Gospel Music listeners by presenting him with the 1996 Fan Awards for Favorite Male Vocalist, Favorite Songwriter, and Favorite Song of the Year again for “Serenaded By Angels.”

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Angels, Kirk Talley

  • A man called Jamie Parsons (I think) spoke at our church and said the song Serenaded by Angels was written for his wife who died an untimely death. Does any one know the rest of the story?

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