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“Little Joe” by Red Sovine a Sequel to the Song”Teddy Bear”


"Little Joe" by Red Sovine a Sequel to the Song"Teddy Bear" 1

Little Joe A Sequel

“Little Joe”, a song written by Red Sovine and recited in a narrative way with music. The song was released in 1976 as a sequel to one of his number one hit song “Teddy Bear”.

Red Sovine decided to make a sequel to his top hit “Teddy Bear” when Diana Williams released her single “Teddy Bears Last Ride”. The song was released the same year when Teddy Bear became a hit. “Teddy Bear Last Ride” is about a paralyzed boy. The boy makes friends with the truck drivers using a CB radio. The boy eventually died at the end of the song.

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Little Joe’s Story

Little Joe is a story of a truck driver who found a dog and made it its friend. One day the truck driver had an accident and was saved by his dog. The truck driver went blind. He thought that Little Joe died from saving him.

In the song, Sovine mentioned Teddy Bear who was one of the characters in his previous hit song “Teddy Bear”. Teddy Bear help reunite Little Joe and his master who was already blind. At the end of the song, the master was happy that he finally saw Little Joe.

Sovine and his Truck Driving songs

Before Sovine found his niche as a country song artist he released other singles. To name few which also became a hit was his duet with Goldie Hill, “Are You Mine?”. Another hit is his duet with Webb Pierce, “Why Baby Why.”

Sovine recorded a lot of more of songs but it can’t be compared to his sentimental, truck driving theme country songs.

Sovine finally found his niche when he released one of his top performing hit “Giddy Up Go”. The song was released in 1965 and was co-written with Tommy Hill.

Sovine followed “Giddy Up Go” with “Phantom 309”, “Teddy Bear” and finally “Little Joe”. “Little Joe” was Sovine’s final hit song.



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