September 11

September: A Month of Tears for Jean Shepard & Don Williams

Still mourning the loss of our “Gentle Giant,” Don Williams, I am writing this with a heavy heart.

Did you know that in this same month of last year, Jean Shepard, our “Great Matriarch of Country Music” was laid to rest? Needless to say, I am a fan of both singers.

So allow this melancholic soul her indulgences. The embedded songs by these two legends are just fitting for this sad month.

Here’s Jean Shepards’ “A Tear Drop By.”


Our Lady, Jean Shepard

Aside from her obvious talents, I have come to admire Jean for her resilient spirit. From childhood, she went through a lot of pain and hardships. Even after becoming a success, or after her soul departed, tragedy still strikes her at the horrific deaths of her loved ones. That includes the plane crash of her first husband Hawkshaw Hawkins in 1963, and the brutal murder of her granddaughter Icie Hawkins in December 2016.

Anyhow, she’s the kind of woman I look up to. In her heydays and in the following years, she never purposely caused a stir just to be noticed as a celebrity. It was just classic Jean Shepard; her love for traditional country music, her strong will to get on with everything that life would bring, her independence from modern Nashville’s (sort of Big Brother)corporate offers, and for her courage to stand firmly on causes she believed in.

Now listen to Don William’s “Tears of the Lonely.”

If you want a long answer, just check the separate post I have written about why I like Don. Short answer though, it is because, like Alan Jackson, he performs simply. I may sound like a broken record, but I’ll say it again. When you truly have got a talent for music, you won’t need to do many antics on stage. It may not be the fastest way to attract fans, but once you get your musical talent established, support from fans would be more lasting and genuine. Wish young musicians today learn this lesson early.


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