September 4

Selah’s Cover of Dolly’s Special Song Makes Us Treasure Her More

In one recording session, Alan Hall of Christian Vocal Trio, Selah briefly shared in a few words of his intent in covering Dolly Parton‘s Coat of Many Colors. Hall expressed his love for Dolly Parton, her heart for random acts of kindness and why he particularly loved Coat of Many Colors. So for more than a decade, Hall has sung Dolly’s song during Selah’s live concerts.

"We talked about dreams.." -says Allan about his meeting Dolly.
“We talked about dreams..” -says Alan about his meeting Dolly.

The Heart of a Tennessean

Come 2002, and to Alan’s delight, he had the privilege to do a duet with Dolly Parton. They recorded Once Upon A Christmas for the Christmas album, Rose of Bethlehem. During lunch, the two Tennesseans had a great time bonding and trading stories. Amidst laughter and pleasantries, Alan’s most illuminating moment came when Dolly said that Coat of Many Colors was her favorite among all the songs she’d written. It’ reminiscent of her Mama’s love – her reading of Joseph’s story in the Bible and the coat she made Dolly.

Dolly Parton & Alan Hall (c) Dolly Mania
Dolly Parton & Alan Hall (c) Dolly Mania

Materially Lacking but Rich in Love

Selah’s Cover of Dolly’s Special Song Makes Us Treasure Her More 1

“I love this song because it’s about a philosophy and attitude towards life. You can have nothing of material worth in this world, and still be richer than most. It’s all in what you value.”

– Dolly Parton, The SelahVideos-

Released in 1971, today’s featured track was just as precious to us as Dolly and Alan. We’re one in agreement with them that the best songs are those that tell stories. Thanks to Mrs. Avie Lee Parton for being Dolly’s light and inspiration. She gave our Nashville angel the gifts of love and faith which richly flowed in our Book Lady’s songs.

And here’s a scoop: Avie Parton, mom to Dolly and her siblings died in 2003. It took a while for Dolly to contain her emotions before she’s able to sing Coat of Many Colors again without breaking down.

Coat of Many Colors – Cover by Allan Hall

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