February 5, 2018

How to See God?

 For those who haven’t yet, their skepticism is understandable. (No need to start a theological debate over whether visibly seeing Jesus is possible or not.)

Better, have a good listen to Dolly’s take on seeing God.

“Yes I See God” by Dolly Parton


This song of Dolly’s was a track in her 1971 album, The Golden Streets of Glory.

Seeing God in everything

For Ms. Dolly Parton, she sees God through the wonders of life. From the magnificence of his creations and on to the moments shared by mankind. That could be marriage, the sight of a newborn, the unconditional love of parents, and the pure joy of watching children playing. His presence is fully expressed everywhere!

There can never be an excuse to deny his existence. No. Not even our sufferings.

Seeing God is everything.

To be clear, we’re not forcing anyone to believe as we do. This writer only speaks from her personal experience. This was reinforced when after some digging, countless stories about Jesus appearing to various people crop up online.

She was 18 the first time God decided to turn on her spiritual awareness of his presence. It made her tremble and quake in much fear. She didn’t see God though. Not yet. Two years after, she saw Jesus. All remaining doubts and unbelief gone. Consistently, he kept proving the reality of his existence by actively and (sometimes) visibly participating in her daily routines.

Why would God show himself up? Different reasons, but always with a purpose. For this writer, it’s to address her faith in crisis. For countries hostile to any religion other than theirs, no territorial boundaries could stop Jesus. He’ll show himself to their people, win over their hearts, call them to follow and they will even if it cost them their lives.

How to See God? 1


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