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A Seductive Song of Kenny Rogers, “Love Or Something Like It”

A Seductive Song of Kenny Rogers, “Love Or Something Like It” 1

Out of Boredom, a Song Came

Of all of Kenny Rogers’ top ten country hits, he received a songwriter credit four only four. Two of those were “Love Will Turn You Around and “Crazy.” The other two were released within ten months of each other, and their creation was attributed mostly to Kenny Rogers. He wrote the song “Love Or Something Like It” with a member of his band named Steve Glassmeyer.

Kenny Rogers and his band was working on show dates in Las Vegas when the idea for “Love Or Something Like It” came to his mind. They were playing three or four shows at the Golden Nugget. Between sets and out of sheer boredom, Kenny Rogers and Steve Glassmeyer played around with songs’ lyrics. Thereafter, they encountered a couple of verses and the hook of “Love or somethin’ damn like it.” Rogers liked the lyrics but he never had any thoughts of recording it at the same time. he was just coming up with songs for his Vegas act. The group finished and Kenny used it a couple times in his stage performances.

A Possible Controversy Because of the Seductive Lyrics

Later in Nashville, Kenny Rogers played “Love Or Something Like It” for his producer Larry Butler. The song was recounted a tale of a barroom seduction. Although other records have generated backlashes for suggestive lyrics, the song received a nary complaint from the radio.

In reflecting on the possible controversy that never came, Kenny knew the information was there all right. However, it wasn’t displayed in a blatant way, which nixed any problems. Producer Butler said that:

“It was one of those cases where the listeners were diggin’ the record before they knew what it was really sayin’.”

Whatever the case, “Love Or Something Like It” debuted at a healthy No. 44 on Billboard’s country singles chart and went to No. 2 in just six weeks later. After that, “Only One Love In My Life” slipped into the top spot on August 5th, marking Kenny’s fourth of his twenty-one career chart-toppers.


kenny rogers, Love Or Something Like It

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