January 28

Seasons in the Sun: A Classic Hit from Terry Jacks

Saying goodbye is one of the most painful things that humans experience. Especially, if it is permanent and you are aware that you will not see your loved ones again. Further, have you ever imagined saying goodbye to your loved ones, maybe your family, friends or even to your life partner? What will you feel once you’re in that situation? It’s hard, right? And of course, no one wants that to happen. But what if you will die tomorrow, what would be the final things that you want to do? Do you have any specific activities or agenda that you want to settle? Or will you just spend your last hours with the people dearest to you? Whatever your choices are, I hope that you choose the right decision. Now, let’s go ahead and listen to one of the saddest songs in the industry, its “Seasons in the Sun” from Terry Jacks.

The Great Interpreter

He is a Canadian singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the 60s’. In addition, this artist is also a record producer and an environmentalist. In fact, he has worked on some documentary film videos. I guess, he just wants to save the earth like other people who care for the environment. Further, this singer reached the height of his career in the ’70s’ when he gave life to the re-written hit of Jacques Brel. I hope that you did not forget Terry Jacks.

Seasons in the Sun: A Classic Hit from Terry Jacks 1
Photo Credits: Terry Jacks/Official Facebook Page

The Sad Truth About Goodbyes

Do you feel uncomfortable in saying goodbye permanently to a person? Well, if that person is special, then, maybe it’s a yes. I guess, the hit “Seasons in the Sun” from Terry Jacks will fit you. Moreover, this song was released in December 1973 and it became a massive hit due to its melancholic message. It’s about a man who is about to die and he is saying goodbye to his loved ones. That must be heartbreaking, but let’s go ahead and reminisce this hit from the past. 



Terry Jacks

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