August 5

‘Seaside’ Parades Billy Currington’s Bare Foot Lifestyle

You probably have your own personal preference of country summer songs from Keith Urban’s “Long Hot Summer” to Alan Jackson’s timeless “Chattahoochee.” But just right before we all say goodbye to summer, Billy Currington released ‘Seaside,’ a summer anthem that we all need to talk about.

Currington Definitely Loves Summer!

Billy Currington is one of the country artists that you’ve got to watch out if you would like a summer anthem. He never wastes the nicest time summer could bring and he makes sure that you know it too! After all, Currington has proven through the years that he belongs to the list of great country artists that have produced the best summer anthems throughout their career.

Who could forget his gold-certified summer-themed album “Summer Forever” that was released 5 years ago?  Not just that, Currington has several number one hits under his belts that spanned from his 2005 single, “Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right until the most recent 2016 single “Do I Make You Wanna.”

‘Seaside’ and the Salt Life

The breezy and soothing ambiance a seaside area could give you, Currington’s ‘Seaside’ will definitely be giving you the exact same expression. The Georgia native who spent his early years in odd jobs, and was just waiting for his shoot for a recording contract, has become one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary country music in the past decade and a half.

With his newest single ‘Seaside’ out in the market, this is the first time that Currington went to the direction of producing an evocative number. Currington uses the refrain of the song to fully fill our fantasies of the cool ocean breeze which many long for. The laid-back tune with the imagery of you and your loved one soaked in waist-high depth seawater makes more than enough reason for you to consider listening and perhaps change your summer anthem this year.

A Long Way Since Then

Currington’s success story might be something that you have already heard before. Back then, he was an 18-year-old Georgia boy who decided to move to Nashville to pursue his passion for Country music. Like many artists, it was not an easy earned success for Currington. He did odd jobs as he works in his music and has been asked to do numerous demos before ending up with his first recording deal. Since then, Currington has made a name for himself in the music industry.


Billy Currington

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