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“The Dance” was originally recorded by Garth Brooks from his self-titled album in 1990. He made the song peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for 3 weeks in 1990. Furthermore, it remained on the charts for a total of 21 weeks. This is one of Brooks’ best and signature songs he performed.

“The Dance” Content

The song is about a beautiful relationship that has ended. A tragic one it may seem. The character in the song tries to remember his lover and the things they’ve shared together and how the relationship ended that lead to break his heart. However, according to Brooks, he said that the song has two possible meanings. It could be a song about ending a relationship and at the same time, it could also be a song about the end of a person’s dream because of what he believed in. Whichever way you choose to understand, the song’s meaning would depend.

Scotty McCreery’s Version

There were many versions of Brooks’ “The Dance,” but the one that stands out was that of Scotty McCreery. A beautiful rendition of the song was performed by McCreery at the Grand Ole Opry live in 2012. He was only 19 when he performed “The Dance.” As always, he delivered the song like he personally wrote it and making it bone-chilling.

The Performance

He started his performance by telling the audience about how he met Brooks and said that the song is

 “A little bit ‘bout heart break, a little bit ’bout love.”

McCreery truly has a talent when it comes to singing not just country ballads, but to bring life to songs that were performed a long time ago.

He recently released his new album Season Changes in March, which topped the charts, and he is also engaged to his longtime girlfriend Gabi Dugal, although the official date of their wedding isn’t announced yet.

Here’s Scotty McCreery’s beautiful version of Garth Brooks’ “The Dance.”

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