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American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery Honors Fallen Soldiers


Among the country artists who strongly support the nation’s soldiers is 10th American Idol Season Winner, Scotty McCreery. Even before his rise to fame, McCreery has always felt intensely about honoring the US troops, to the point where he even recorded and released a song dedicated to them. This article is about to delve deep into McCreery’s song: keep in mind you can also check out our highly rated article about Johnny Cash’s wife, Vivian Liberto, by clicking this link.

His song, The Dash tells the story of Lance Corporal Andrew Carpenter, who served the US Marines in two tours in Afghanistan. He encountered enemy fire in 2011, and then five days later, left his family in shambles after news of his passing. During his time of death, his wife was having Landon, their first child. In honor of the chivalrous soldier and his widowed family, a highway was named after Carpenter in Columbia, Tennessee. It was the town where his body was laid to its final moments.

Clips of Carpenter’s shared moments with his family were also featured in the song’s music video. ‘It ain’t about the numbers, chiseled in concrete. It’s how they lived their lives in the dash between’ McCreery tenderly sings. The moving song and video serves as a reminder to us that the real heroes do not possess superpowers, but rather, something far greater and more invaluable—and that is their dedication to fight for our freedom and serve our country for the sake of our future generations.

McCreery, whose birth name is Scott Cooke McCreery, first learned how to play the guitar when he was around 9-10 years old. His first musical influence was Elvis Presley. Then, during his teenage years, he also aced a couple of competitions in his hometown in North Carolina. He was the champion for “Clayton Idol”, the singing contest held at the Clayton Harvest Festival. His triumph led him to tour to different local shows while raising funds for sick kids. Scotty was also among the 36 finalists in Rip the Hallways, a contest featuring teenage vocalists all over North Carolina.

Scotty was 16 when he auditioned for American Idol. Before he was hailed as the winner of the singing contest’s 10th season, he also went through a roller coaster of great and not-so-good weeks in the competition. For instance, there was tension between some of his groupmates during the Group Round. McCreery also apologized to the judges after his second Hollywood Week solo performance. At that time, he forgot the lyrics to the song he performed. He was not that familiar with Lee Ann Womack’s I Hope You Dance. Thankfully, the judges decided to give him another chance. In return, the country artist wowed the judges for the following weeks with consistently outstanding performances.

Contrary to what some critics expected, McCreery did not break out of the country genre that much. However, there were moments in the competition where he decided to add his own flavor to songs from different genres, like Kris Allen’s Heartless, So Sick by Ne-Yo and You’ve Got a Friend, a song originally performed by Carole King. After his big win, McCreery’s first single, I Love You This Big was released shortly. Following the success of his first single was a number of songs and albums all of which received a warm reception from his fans. His albums include Clear as Day, Christmas with Scotty McCreery, and See You Tonight.



Scotty McCreery|The Dash

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American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery Honors Fallen Soldiers

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