October 7

Scotty McCreery Once Again Made Country Legends Proud


Scotty McCreery is back on deck ladies and gentlemen. This time he graced the Grand Ole Opry with his arsenal of country classics. The past few weeks had been really stressful and disappointing most especially that the news reports have been all about shootings and some country and rock and roll gems that passed away. With that being said, it is a breath of fresh air and probably a treat to your ears to listen to country music as brought to you by Scotty McCreery. It seems that at some point, McCreery had always had a special relationship with the Grand Ole Opry stage giving nothing but stellar performances of classic country.

Scotty McCreery, Grand Ole Opry Performance

Having been headlined as officially engaged to his fiancée, Scotty McCreery in love and inspired gives such majestic performance putting his old soul and talent on the classic country songs. His opener, while it may not be such a shocker but was indeed a favorite of the audience and McCreery himself was Conway Twitty’s, Hello Darlin. He already had a Grand Ole Opry performance with this song before but it does not get old whenever McCreery put his style on the song. No one could have done it better.

Following the Hello Darlin spectacle is Randy Travis’ Forever and Ever Amen which was equally astounding as his first act. Next, he channeled his inner Johnny Cash with a beautiful rendition of ‘Folsom Prison Blues.’ He also made a point not to leave out Alan Jackson’s ‘Chattahoochee’ which was also something that he already performed before. Lastly, he ended his Opry act with John Michael Montgomery’s Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident).

While Scotty McCreery is set to release his new album with his new record label, Triple Tigers Records under Sony Music Entertainment, this only makes us more excited as McCreery promised that his new album is going to be more country.

Watch the performance below and tell us what you think about it:



Grand Ole Opry, Scotty McCreery

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