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Scotty McCreery’s “Five More Minutes”: The Gamble Of A Lifetime

Scotty McCreery’s “Five More Minutes”: The Gamble Of A Lifetime 1

It was Scotty McCreery’s toughest decision whether he will release “Five More Minutes” or not. This is for the reason that it could make or break his career. With this, the song mostly is his gamble of a lifetime. Undoubtedly, McCreery bets his career on this particular song but, yes, he was born under a lucky star. Indeed, his hard work paid off.

The Downfall…

McCreery started so smooth in country music until it went slowly. In 2016, he was dropped from his record label. McCreery was worried and he panicked since he had written his best songs while under contract.

McCreery had completed an album before he was dropped. These include “Five More Minutes” and “In Between.” Since he was let go, the album would never be released. However, to regain ownership of his two favorite songs, Universal Music Group Nashville required him to repay the recording costs for the entire project.

In fact, his lawyer spent the better part of 2016 trying to come to a deal with Universal Music Group Nashville so he could keep “Five More Minutes” and “In Between.”

He distinctly remembers that day. It was January 2016, and he was in Los Angeles to film a mentoring session with “American Idol” contestants. His schedule was packed, and he was exhausted. Jason Morey, an executive at 19 Entertainment, called to invite him to dinner.

Even though McCreery had sold nearly 3 million albums and had two Top 10 singles to his credit in recent months, Universal Music Group Nashville had decided to drop him from the label’s roster. Morey was tasked with breaking the news.

Furthermore, McCreery tells the Tennessean:

“I knew it was made or break for my career.” I had just lost a major record deal. I hadn’t had music out since 2013. This had to work, and if I was going to bet my career on a song, it was going to be “Five More Minutes.”

The Rise from the Downfall…

McCreery redeemed himself by deciding to release “Five More Minutes” to country radio in 2017 as an independent artist. Fortunately, it turned out he didn’t need the record label because the song quickly picked up steam. It made it as the first independently-released country song to ever chart in MediaBase’s Top 50 in chart history.

Two years later, McCreery charted his first No. 1 song: “Five More Minutes.” He’s signed to new record label Triple Tigers Records and “Seasons Change,” his first new album in five years. The album is available in stores now.

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