March 8

Review: Scott Southworth Owns Traditional Country


Scott Southworth embodies the resurgence of the traditional twang of country music. With his signature traditional rasp, he owns what it means to be country.

Scott Southworth, Traditional Country Music, Country
via Scott Southworth’s Official Facebook Page

Scott Southworth’s Style

Akin to the old sounds of George Jones, Waylon Jennings, George Strait, and the rabbit hole of traditional country music, Southworth perfectly blends his roots with a perfect modern grit. He isn’t afraid to step out of the box and create something that resonates both because of its familiarity and its innovative charm.

Scott Southworth, Traditional Country Music, Country
via Scott Southworth’s Official Twitter Page

He made waves with his “Hey Hillbilly Singer!” album. It received tremendous reviews from various music critics, thereby being one of the best representations of what real traditional country music sounds like. The album is solid all throughout, and as reviewer Duncan Warwick noted:

“It is difficult to pick out highlights from an album as strong and consistent as this……overall, this could be one of the best examples of how people ought to be making country albums all year.”

Listen to one of its tracks “I Ain’t Leaving Town” here!


Southworth isn’t a stranger to the industry. He is a 3 time Top 30 Country Radio charting recording artist in Europe and the creator/co-host of Radio/TV’s “The Music Row Show.”

scott southworth
Scott Southworth | Photo credit: scottsouthworth.com

He has written and co-written more than 70 Indy cuts with artists such as Marc Alan Barnette, Emma Jacobs, Stephanie Layne, Jamie Nattier, Bob Karwin, Becky Blackaby, Tom Templeman, Heino Moeller, The Ranch Rockers, and Canadian Artist Damian Follett as well as other independent films.

With regards to his solo songwriting projects, he received many awards and recognition for it. “The Last Honky Tonk In Town” was released in 2016. That earned him rave reviews across Europe. In that same year, Country Music People Magazine named him their September 2016 “Honky Tonker Of The Month.”

Southworth kept his momentum rolling with the release of “Hey Hillbilly Singer!” He continues to be one of the more distinct artists. He regularly performs in Nashville at the Bluebird Cafe, Douglas Corner, and the Commodore Grille.


country music, review, Scott Southworth, traditional country, Traditional Country Music

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