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Say Hello to Willa Gray—Thomas Rhett’s Adorable Daughter

Say Hello to Willa Gray—Thomas Rhett’s Adorable Daughter 1

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are such lucky parents for having Willa Gray. The lovable and cute little girl made her public debut during one of her adoptive father’s shows. For a list of best cabin kits, click here.

The very long adoption process for Baby Willa began in 2016.

Lauren was immediately captivated by the little girl during their first meeting at a trip to Uganda. The trip was with 147 Million Orphans, a non-profit organization created to help provide the basic needs young orphans and kids whose families were stricken by poverty. Rhett and his wife were able to raise about $250K in October for the said organization.

During Rhett’s show, Baby Willa was also introduced to the public through a video clip showing the little and her mom watching her father’s show in Mississippi. In a video compilation shared by Rhett on his Instagram, he showed documentations of his Home Team Tour weekend shows, along with a clip of the charming little Willa being held by Lauren as she points to her daddy on stage. Seeing how his daughter was eagerly pointing at him, the singer decided to take his daughter on center stage.

Say Hello to Willa Gray—Thomas Rhett’s Adorable Daughter 2

Rhett’s baby girl donned a pair of white noise proof headphones, which were later revealed to be a gift from Kailey Dickerson. Dickerson is the wife of country artist and Rhett’s close friend, Russell Dickerson.

This August, Rhett and Lauren are expecting another blessing into their life

Lauren’s pregnancy and their adoption happened successively that Thomas Rhett revealed that he was in “complete and utter shock” upon learning the news, and it almost felt like they were having twins.

Yes, they are expecting a baby girl!

Fans of the happy couple expressed immense support, love, and good luck wishes.
What more could the couple ask for, right?


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