October 4

Let’s Go Up Beat with Sawyer Brown’s “Thank God for You”

If y’all fond of dancin’ then better bring out your boots and dance to the groove. It’s nice that good music is still alive today, even though there’s a lot of different genres. When I first heard “Thank God for You,” it reminded me of my cousin who really loves singing this song.

“The Five Man Band”

Founded in 1981, Sawyer Brown is an American country band composed of five members, Mark Miller, Gregg Hubbard, Bobby Randal, Joe Smyth, and Jim Scholten. Originally, they were former members of Don King’s Road Band but in 1981, King chose to retire. Further, the men stayed together and tried to earn their spot on the Country Music Industry.


Their first big shot was when they won the 1984 competition Star Search and they started their career with Capitol Records. Since then, the band made songs hit after hit. Maybe you are wondering who is “Sawyer Brown” is. Well, it’s funny where’d they got it. Initially, the band choose the name Savanna but a rising band emerged with the same name. While they are at their manager’s office scavenging for a new band name, they accidentally came across a nearby thoroughfare, “Sawyer Brown Road”. Since then, they agreed that it will be the new band’s name.

“The Groovy Song”

Sawyer Brown produced a lot of chart-topping songs and since the launch of their first single, they are always included on the Hot Country Songs. “Thank God for You” was released in 1993, it also reached no. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs. Admittedly, the song was a hit because its popularity even reached Canada and it became no.1 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks Chart.

Hence, the song is all about giving thanks for the things that they’ve experienced regardless if it is good or bad. Consequently, those experiences made them stronger and wiser in making decisions. As the saying goes “Experience is the best teacher”.

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