February 22

God’s Grace in Blake Shelton in the “Savior’s Shadow”


“….it’s an act of compassion that we write less about an artist’s messy, showbiz portrayal and focus more on what we can learn from their experiences.”

Five years back, my favorite armchair theologian Richard Beck shared a story about his fondness with ugly dolls. From a child’s perspective, they’re unsightly. Only the cute and fluffy ones were deserving of affection and adoration. One day, he was asked by his kids why he kept choosing ugly dolls over the better-looking ones. He replied that if Jesus were to buy himself dolls, he would have done the same.

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Likewise, it’s an act of compassion that we write less about an artist’s messy, showbiz portrayal and focus more on what we can learn from their experiences. Hence, we do not disqualify a song of substance and sound message like Blake Shelton’s “Savior’s Shadow.” In fact, even Shelton knew that country music fans may criticize him for doing a gospel song considering the rumors surrounding his divorce with Miranda Lambert. That did not deter him. He said that it’s a song worth hearing by those who might find it meaningful. It’s

“Savior’s Shadow” by Blake Shelton

“Savior’s Shadow” is the 1st track from Shelton’s album “If I’m Honest” released in 2016.It did well on Christian and Gospel Song Charts peaking at 14.

Song’s Anatomy

Songwriter Jessi Alexander said that Blake Shelton’s dream which led to “Savior’s Shadow” is akin to Kris Kristofferson’s conversion experience expressed in “Why Me Lord.” She and her husband Jon Randall helped Shelton put into words the profound depth he felt in his soul.

The first verse details Shelton’s dream then added the second verse. The rest was provided by Jessi Alexander and Randall. They articulated what she termed as “…from Blake Shelton’s soul.”

What are your thoughts on Blake Shelton’s dream? Has listening to the “Savior’s Shadow” helped you in any way? Feel free to share us your thoughts below.


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