August 25

3 Sasha Pieterse Songs to Ignite a Fresh Country Weekend Vibe

Actress Sasha Pieterse is most popularly known for the hit series Pretty Little Liars. But little did all PLL fans know that the bubbly and beautiful miss Sasha is also a budding country singer. In fact, she has released a total of 4 singles since the launching of her musical career. Describing her music as “country with southern rock,” Pieterse was signed to record label Dan Franklin music. And, although her musical talents may not be as fully established yet as her acting career, that’s not a reason for you not to listen to her grungy, sassy, and full-voiced songs.

In fact, you can check out some of her cool singles during the weekend, so you have more time to appreciate the hidden singing talent that the outstanding actress possesses.

I Can’t Fix You (Date Released: July 12, 2013)

This sentimental number from Sasha holds an emotional history from one of the singer-actress’ friends. Sasha shares that the song is all about a friend of hers who has been struggling with addiction. In fact, she has joined forces with a substance abuse support center in South Carolina called A Light of Hope to promote her song and hopefully instill some discernment for all those who are going through the same struggles as her friend.

I wanted to save this person. I wanted to fix them. And I couldn’t. And it came down to me realizing that, because I couldn’t do that, all I could do was love them and support them, and try to keep them accountable.

Ten percent of the sales for Pieterse’s song went to supporting the non-profit organization’s life-saving services.


This is the perfect new song to play during your weekend road trip. R.P.M. was released on July 23, 2013, while its music video was released earlier on July 9, 2013. Matt Steele directed the video. The lyrics pack a punch and a whole lot of attitude that only Sasha Pieterse can embody. With the lyrics that go

‘Turning the ignition, revving up my engine, tearing up the highway of my life/ Grinding up my gearbox, skipping all the pit stops/ Blazing right by red traffic lights/ See, some folks like the slow lane…me? I just need the R.P.M.s/ The R.P.M.s/ I just need the R.P.M.s.

This Country is Bad Ass

Oh yeah, Pieterse’s song titles are catchy enough that you’ll be super curious to discover what the story behind the titles is all about. This patriotic number will serenade your afternoon barbecue parties with just the right amount of country-lovin’ southern vibe. During one of her press cons, she expressed that she had so much love for her country that she owes all the successes she has gained to her Motherland.

“I just want people to know that I love my country. This is home. Even though I wasn’t born here, I’m so proud to be here.” The singer-actress adds, “People have forgotten that working hard is huge, and that’s what you need to get where you want You can’t just sit back and let things happen, and the great thing about this country is you can work for what you want.


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