March 15

Sara Evans and Vince Gill’s First Remarkable Duet

Sara Evans’ First No. 1

“No Place That Far,” a song that proves nothing is impossible when love is at the center of someone’s life. This beautiful inspiring song was written by Sara Evans, Tony Martin, and Tom Shapiro in 1998. It was first released as a single on the same year, and it hit the top of the Billboard country chart. In addition, the song placed at number thirty-seven on the Hot 100 chart on the Billboard. After it’s released as a single, Evans included the song on her same-titled album.

Sara Evans No Place That Far Vince Gill
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Evans earned her first number one on the country chart. Furthermore, “No Place That Far” became her first song to cross over the pop chart.

Vince Gill served as a backup vocal for Evans’ single, adding more power to the song. He also appeared in the music video released.

Songwriting Experience

“No Place That Far” was the first song Sara Evans has ever written. She shared with Country Stars Central how she felt when she wrote this song.

“I think that as a singer when you write your own songs it sometimes can sound more authentic. Like ‘No Place That Far,’ it’s a melody that I wrote myself and I really enjoyed writing it. It’s not to say that I won’t throw out a song that I’ve written for a better song that I did not write because there are many, many times that I’ve been pitched a song that I couldn’t write or sounded more like me than something I wrote.”

“No Place That Far” Story

Evans’ narrator bravely admits that no matter how far or how difficult it is, she’ll do anything to be with the man she loves. What about you, will you be as brave as the woman in the song? How far will you go when it comes to love?

Always know that I would find a way
To get to where you are
There’s no place that far


Sara Evans, Vince Gill

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