October 24

Courageously Beautiful Sara Beth in Rascal Flatts’ “Skin”

Humanity would have long degenerated had we totally lost our compassion. With the release of Rascal Flatts’ “Skin (Sarabeth),” we witness how people became a supportive community for those plagued with terminal illnesses. In addition, it attracted more fans who were very appreciative of Rascal Flatts choice of themes.

Though initially a secret track in Rascal Flatts’ 2003 album, “Feels Like Today,” “Skin” surprisingly pulled and tugged the hearts of many that soon, calls were made to radio stations to give it more airplay.

Skin (Sara Beth ) by Rascal Flatts
Video Courtesy: Rascal Flatts

Critics and Reception

Following its success to win people’s attention and affection, “Skin” got re-issued in 2004 as a single for the album above. Upon release, the track swiftly climbed the charts and ranked 2nd on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs in 2005 plus a crossover to the Pop Charts. Furthermore, it received a nomination for ACM’s Song of the Year. For the CD sales, Rascal Flatts reportedly donated a portion to St. Jude’s children hospital.

But just as the track gets many affirmations, it did not escape professional scrutiny. Country Universe pointed that lead man Gary LeVox ’s nasal singing was a bit off. Regardless, the majority still praised “Skin” as worth all its rewards. For one, renowned music magazine, Rolling Stone listed “Skin” as one of the 40 saddest songs of all time.

Why is the Single a Keeper?

Writers Doug Johnson and Joe Henry took the reverse route of presenting people with the serious medical condition as more of conquerors instead of survivors. Sara Beth, the protagonist, is a beautiful portrayal of the versatility of the human spirit. Likewise, there’s that incomparable capacity of humankind to go to great lengths for their loved one’s sake. Perhaps the most significant demonstration in the music video was when Sara Beth’s boyfriend shaved his head, too.  Happily, off they went to the prom.

Hats off to these three, talented men!


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