“More Than I Can Say” is one of the most heartwarming and soulful songs of all time. The melody can make our eyes water while the meaning can bring back memories. With the country rendition of Sammy Kershaw, it’s more pleasing, especially to country music lovers.

Yes, Sammy Kershaw recorded his version of “More Than I Can Say” with a country style. Nevertheless, the beauty of the original didn’t fade. The melody is still the same as well as the meaning. It is just more interesting with a patch of country.

More Than I Can Say…

Sonny Curtis and Jerry Allison wrote the words and lyrics of “More Than I Can Say.” The Crickets initially recorded and released the song. Various artists recorded the song. Most notable recordings were from Bobby Vee and Leo Sayer.

The most successful rendition was from Leo Sayer. It was his version that penetrated the acceptance of a wider audience. In fact, his release has topped the charts. He placed the song on the Billboard Hot 100 and stayed at number two for five weeks.

In 1999, Sammy Kershaw recorded and released his rendition of “More Than I Can Say.” It was part of his album “Maybe Not Tonight.” The country version has opened appreciation from the country audience.

Sammy Kershaw…

Samuel Paul Kershaw is a songwriter, performer, and a country artist. In his career, he has released sixteen studio albums. Those albums were certified platinum and gold by RIAA. More than twenty-five of his singles have reached Top ten on the Billboard. Sammy Kershaw is widely known for his single “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful.”

Sammy Kershaw, in his teens, started an opening act for legends such as Ray Price, Merle Haggard, and George Jones.

This is Leo Sayer’s version of “More Than I Can Say.”

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