February 14

How Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler Lived Their Own Love Story


Just like all love stories, Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler’s journey to marriage hasn’t always been problem-free. A slow-burn romance that we got glimpses of through Sam’s songs, here’s how the Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler love story came to be. 

Their tale began in 2008 in the small town of Montevallo, Alabama, Hannah Lee Fowler’s hometown. Sam Hunt stated that he didn’t live in Montevallo, but it was where he met a special woman who later greatly influence his songwriting. 

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Unfortunately, a hiccup in their relationship soon arrived. Sam moved to Nashville to pursue his music career, ending his relationship with Hannah. However, it’s clear that Hannah never left Sam’s mind as he decided to name his first studio debut album after her hometown, Montevallo

On top of that, Sam addressed Hannah in his song “Drinkin’ Too Much,” with lyrics, “Hannah Lee, I’m on my way to you | Nobody can love you like I do | I don’t know what I’m gonna say to you, but I know there ain’t no way | I know there ain’t no way, no there ain’t no way we’re through.”

He also wrote other songs about Hannah including “Break Up In a Small Town,” “Ex to See,” and “Make You Miss Me.” 

It gets more interesting as Sam told Entertainment Tonight that he flew to Hawaii about seven times within three months to convince Hannah to get back with him. And it worked because on the seventh trip, Sam succeeded. 

Eventually, the couple publicly announced their engagement in January 2017, and soon after, on the 15th of April 2017, Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler finally said their wedding vows in front of close families and friends in a Methodist church at Cedartown, Georgia. 


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