November 13

“Nobody Likes Sad Songs,” A Song From Ronnie Milsap’s Early Days

Back on December 16, 1978, Ronnie Milsap’s “Back On My Mind Again” reached the No. 2 spot on Billboards Country Single’s Chart. It stayed on that spot for two weeks. It was blocked on its way to the top spot by Eddie Rabbitt’s “Every Which Way But Loose, which ended up breaking Ronnie Milsap’s streak of seven consecutive No. 1 singles. However, the record was undeniably successful.

That event brought Ronnie Milsap some time to work on his next LP, “Images.” It was the first album created by Milsap in his recording studio called “GroundStar Lab.” The “Images” album made RCA a little nervous because Ronnie Milsap took six months to make it. It was an excessive amount of time for a country artist to make an album.

The Inspiration Behind the Song

Finally, RCA managed to tap “Nobody Likes Sad Songs” as the first single from Ronnie Milsap’s new studio in April of 1979. Bob McDill and Wayland Holyfield had started it from a working title, “I Hate Sad Songs.” After long hours, the two songwriters shaped the story of a club performer whose repertoire corresponded his life.

Ronnie Milsap and “Nobody Likes Sad Songs”

“Nobody Likes Sad Songs” was reminiscent of the days when Ronnie Milsap worked at a nightclub in Memphis. He performed there for about two-and-a-half years and was working seven sets a night. The Owner of the club was always on Ronnie Milsap’s back about one thing or another. It was a harsh lesson for an entertainer ‘s life. When the song was introduced to him, Milsap remembered the memories that drew him to the song.

Ronnie Milsap recorded “Nobody Likes Sad Songs” back in December 1978. The record easily got the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Country Singles Chart. Ronnie Milsap has 35 chart-toppers, and this song was his 12th.


Bob McDill, Ronnie Mislap

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