December 5

What Did Ry Cooder Tell Jesus When He Called the MainLine?

What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of mankind to God’s existence? Maybe, those are the questions that I will ask if ever I will see Him face to face. Also, He is the creator of heaven and earth, so definitely, God will be able to give some answers. For sure, He will be able to satisfy my curiosity because He is not busy. God is a good listener. He always gives us enlightenment through His responses. Even Ry Cooder has a lot of questions to God. How about you? What is the first question that comes into your mind that you’ve been dying to ask Him?

The Untold Story of the Protégé

Have you ever worked hard for you to excel in a certain aspect? Well, I guess you will get along with my next featured artist. He is a multi-instrumentalist and was ranked no.8 on “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” by Rolling Stone. Also, this man received a lot of recognition due to his talent. Let’s give a hand to Ry Cooder.

Ry Cooder showed his interest in music at a young age. Moreover, he began playing the guitar at the age of three, that’s why he is best known for his slide guitar work. Anyhow, Cooder started his career in the ’60s, playing with the group “Pickup Trio.” However, they did not receive massive success. In spite of this, he did not give up on his dreams until he received his big break in the industry.

Tell him What you Want

“Jesus On The Mainline” was recorded by the music icon Ry Cooder in 1974. It was part of his album “Paradise and Lunch.” In addition, this masterpiece was performed in some of his concerts. Specifically, the hit talks about a person who is so sure that God is always listening to him. Additionally, we always concentrate on other things once we face problems. But, let us not forget that He is always there to listen.


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