July 29

‘Rumor Has It,’ there’s a ‘Fancy’ Way to Relive Reba McEntire’s Legacy

Remember Reba McEntire’s 1990 album ‘Rumor Has It?’ She recently announced that in commemoration of its 30th anniversary, she will be releasing a deluxe version of the said album on September 11. To complete the experience, some copies might be released pressed on a vinyl record again.

Album’s Old and New Contents

If you have not been an all-out Reba McEntire fan, ‘Rumor Has It’ holds history in itself. Over the years, it got awarded with a triple-platinum title and it held 10 of Reba’s well-known singles including ‘You Lie’, ‘Rumor Has It’, and ‘Fallin’ Out of Love’.

The album’s signature single ‘Fancy’ is what truly made the album a blockbuster. The deluxe version of the album to be released in September includes a live rendition of ‘Fancy’ recorded in Ryman Auditorium and a digital version that is remixed by Dave Audé. However, ‘Fancy’ isn’t going to be the lead single in the deluxe version of ‘Rumor Has It.’ Instead, it would be ‘Climb That Mountain High,’ a single co-written by Reba herself.

Nostalgia Feels on ‘Rumor Has It’

In an interview, Reba McEntire said that she hardly ever imagined that she would have an opportunity to release an album (the same album) for the second time. She said that having something to look back on is so much fun, and having to remember where they are and their activities while recording the original album holds a special place in her heart.

McEntire also stated that what made the album really special to her was the chance to record with Tony Brown 30 years ago thus, enabling her to finally record ‘Fancy’. In all her tours and concert, she never ended a show without singing that song that paved the way into the making of the Reba McEntire legacy.

As fancy the way of Reba McEntire’s career may have gotten, it wouldn’t actually hurt giving the new generation a taste of one of the classics their old folks have grown old into. Adding kindles to the fire, ‘Rumor Has It’ and ‘Fancy’ will be remembered by more generations to come.


Reba McEntire

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