September 28

That Darius Rucker, Charley Pride Dream Duet Came True

Many people would point out that there’s a lack of number when it comes to African-American country singers visible in the country scene. While many people could go about complaining that, it cannot be denied that many African-Americans have already proved to thrive in the country scene and we have Darius Rucker and Charley Pride to thank for that. Both of these men have worked hard like a good ole cowboy amidst hurdles on their way up. Many have wished for Rucker and Pride to share a stage and have a duet of their life.

During the 7th Annual Darius and Friends, it finally came true as Darius Rucker and Charley Pride for the first time, joined forces for the latter’s hit song, ‘Kiss an Angel Good Mornin.’

Kiss an Angel Good Mornin, Darius Rucker ft Charley Pride

“When he [agreed to perform], I couldn’t believe it. He’s such an icon and legend. I know that word gets overused, but he is, because of the kind of person he is and what he’s done in the music business. I’m blessed to call him a friend, and that he would come out and do this for me. I met him backstage at the Grand Ole Opry when he broke into Country music. I’ve considered myself to be friends with him ever since” he said. “I like him, and he’s having a tremendous career. I’m very proud of him.” Darius Rucker told Billboard candidly recalling his first encounter with the country legend.

The Kiss an Angel Good Mornin song has since become one of his signature tunes and was his eighth song to reach number one on the country charts. Kiss an Angel Good Mornin” was also Charley Pride’s first single to reach the pop charts, peaking at number twenty-one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Watch that dream duet here and judge for yourself:


Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’ Lyrics

Whenever I chance to meet some old friends on the street
They wonder how does a man get to be this way
I’ve always got a smilin’ face any time and any place
And everytime they ask me why I just smile and say
You’ve got to kiss an angel good mornin’
And let her know you think about her when you’re gone
Kiss an angel good mornin’ and love her like a devil when you get back home

Well people may try to guess the secret of happiness
But some of them never learn it’s a simple thing
The secret I’m speaking of is a woman and a man in love
And the answer is in the song that I always sing
You’ve got to kiss an angel good mornin’…
Kiss an angel good mornin’…


Charley Pride, darius rucker

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