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Roy Clark: A T.V. Host, a Fighter, and a Certified Country Boy

Reminiscing Roy Clark’s Story

Roy Clark is one of the country music pioneers. He started exploring the genre in the 70’s, and became known in the U.S. and abroad. He was able to penetrate in different countries of the world through his music. He was also known as a host of the all time favorite television show, Hee Haw. Throughout his more than 20 years of hosting, he picked, sang, and offered country corn to 30 million people weekly. Additionally, he is first and foremost an entertainer, drawing crowds at venues as different as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and the Opry. Clark’s approach offered a harder-edged tone than Kenny Rogers but softer and more accessible than Waylon Jennings.

Among his numerous vocal hits are “Yesterday, When I Was Young” and “Thank God and Greyhound.” He is also an instrumental wizard. He victoriously won awards for both his guitar and banjo skills.  Clark has also co-starred on the silver screen with Mel Tillis, in the comedy Uphill All the Way.

Roy Clark: A T.V. Host, a Fighter, and a Certified Country Boy 1

Because music runs in his blood

Roy Clark began playing banjo, guitar, and mandolin at an early age. His parents were amateur musicians, that proves music runs in his blood. By the time he was 14, he was playing guitar behind his father at local dances. As a beginning musician, he won two National Banjo Championships, he also garnered an award at the Grand Ole Opry. Though he have made a name as a musician, Clark still decided to pursue an athletic career. He trained for boxing. At the age of 17, he won 15 fights in a row before deciding that he would rather be a musician than a fighter.

In 1979, his boxing career began to deteriorate. Over the next two years, he produced some hits that dominated the radio. In the early ’80’s, Hee Haw’s audience was beginning to decline. However, Clark’s creative mind diversified his interests by investing in property, minor-league baseball teams, cattle, publishing, and advertising.

Roy’s song, “Yesterday, When I Was Young,” was a cross-over hit. It hit the country, pop, and adult contemporary charts during its release in 1969.

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