October 5

Roy Clark Gives a Frenzied Twist on Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”

Country music fans would know that before Roy Clark became a host of Hee Haw, he was already making people laugh during his shows. This artist is merely talented, and his way of making people laugh is just one of a kind. In fact, most of his acts were based on his comedy and specialty guitar licks that no one could replicate.

Back in one of his earlier performances in his career, he was invited at the Jimmy Dean Show for a night of amazing talent. Interestingly, he introduced the song he was about to sing by saying:

“Here’s a tune that’s one of my favorites and I’m sure you’ll recognize it. It’s called ‘One of My Favorites’.”

After then, he began playing the introduction to Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” But, when he sang the opening lyric “Well,” he turned into his inner clown and just kept on saying the same word over and over again. Boisterous laughter swarmed the entire room.

He then continued with his hilarious act. After voicing, “I hear that train a-coming’, it’s rolling ‘round the bend,” he then played a guitar lick that seemed to sound like a train. The lines drew even more laughter and applause from the audience that lasted for over a minute.

With his infectious smile and captivating talent, he got our emotions and had us laughing throughout the whole video. Also, his guitar riffs that sounded like gunshots drew us even more to him. What an exciting gift he has!

Moreover, his ad-libs, comedic timing, and the gift of music, truly made Clark a legend in the entertainment industry. And now, we know that he has been the same since he started performing.

Watch his compelling performances here:


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