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A Roy Acuff Amusing Yet Sad Song: “When Lulu’s Gone”

Roy Acuff may have been a perfect example of a decent, old-fashioned person. Majority of his country music career spoke more on fun family and entertainment. However, did you know that the beginning of his famous, Hall of Fame-caliber run was an era of music that was contradictory of the known Acuff character? Some say it was just the wholesome nature of his shows. The types of song we are talking about are some of his dirty, funny songs. Take for example, “When Lulu’s Gone”. The title seems sad, but if you listen to it, you will hear the indecency and humor in it.

A Roy Acuff Amusing Yet Sad Song: “When Lulu’s Gone” 1

Roy Acuff As A Great Person

Without Roy Acuff, there may have never been a country music industry. He was country music’s first commercially successful mainstream music star. He depended on quality music, original songs, irrefutable talent, and sole business intellects for a music performer to get country music to many. His career and efforts laid the groundwork for how music in Country and beyond would be succeeded.

In addition, Acuff helped make the Grand Ole Opry famous as much as anyone. Truly Acuff is one of the most important figures in country music history. Nevertheless, his legacy always seems to be outshined by the likes of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and other early country music superstars.

Roy Acuff Before Anything Else

Before Acuff was doing everything he could to keep country music high-pitched clean, he was performing, and even recording songs of unwanted sense. Some of his songs are filled with sexual ambiguity. As he traveled around, his performances at the time included comedy as part of the routine. Although he first got fame with his hymnalGreat Speckled Bird, he likely learned how to write songs that said one thing but meant another through his dirty material.

In 1936, Roy Acuff and his band went into the studio and cut two songs from their humorous material. One of which was “When Lulu’s Gone”. However, even if he did everything he could to disown the material, it was cut to records for folks to listen to, and has been well-maintained up to today.

I wish I was a milk cow, down on my Lulu’s farm
I’d never kick when Lulu comes to polish up my horn
Bang away my Lulu, bang away good and strong
What you gonna do for banging when Lulu’s gone.

Such humor there is, isn’t it? More funny country songs to listen to by visiting our website on Country Thang Daily.


roy acuff, When Lulu’s Gone

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