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Altogether, Let’s Rejoice for in Our Hearts “There Rose A Lamb”


Altogether, Let’s Rejoice for in Our Hearts “There Rose A Lamb” 1

Belated Happy Easter, folks! Hope that we all had a renewed life and faith in Christ as we commemorated His resurrection. The festival may be over but knowing that Jesus has risen in our lives is something worth rejoicing every day. Christ’s birth in our heart is an event that’s equally significant as His birth in this world. And if we joyfully celebrate His natal day, the more that we must honor His birth within us.

To help us rejoice Christ’s rebirth every day, here’s a song that we can include in our daily devotion. The song is called “There Rose a Lamb” composed by Kyla Rowland and performed by the Southern gospel quartet Gold City.

Immersing on the Lyrics

Based on its lyrical content, the song is basically talking about the restoration of Jesus. This is specifically observed from the first two verses.

It was the third day since he died

And it was said he would arise

Then from the grave, his plan came forth

Oh, I have reason to rejoice


He chose the place, he chose the hour

That he would rise by his own power

A sacrifice three days ago

And now, praise God, the Lamb arose

The chorus is a short, general description of who the Lamb is as well as His great deeds. It tells some historical facts about the main character (Jesus) who extended the series of circumstances leading to the big event (His resurrection).

There rose a Lamb in Jerusalem

He was the son of the great I am

He proved to be my victory

There rose a Lamb in Jerusalem  

In the last stanza, the narration becomes more personal. It goes deeper by incorporating the implication of the Lamb that has arisen. Everyone who has Jesus living in their hearts has every reason to rejoice. Christ arose, but this meant nothing until He arose in our heart.

I wasn’t there when Jesus died

I wasn’t there to see him rise

But I was there when he saved my soul

For within my heart, his love arose

Indeed, the song not only recounts a historical event written in the Bible. More importantly, it serves as exultation for the return of a Savior, the only hope of humanity.

Folks, is Christ living in your heart yet? We would be glad to hear your thoughts or experiences related to the song. Also, please do not forget to hit the like button and share the inspiration with your friends and loved ones. Stay tuned with us as we strive to bring you a daily dose of cutting-edge entertainment through country, gospel music and information. For easy access to your favorite country and gospel songs, follow us on Facebook (Country Daily/@CountryGospelDaily) and Twitter @thecountrydaily.


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