May 29

Rory and Indy Feek Shared A Dance With A Keith Whitley Song

Rory and Indy Feek Shared A Dance With A Keith Whitley Song 1

Two months ago, Rory Feek updated us on his blog, This Life I Live. That post served as his source of reminiscing on the two year anniversary of his wife Joey‘s death. In the blog, Rory cited how it was kind of odd to think that Joey has now been gone half as long as their little girl, Indy, has been alive. In addition, Rory also shared how their four-year-old, Indy, who has Down Syndrome, is growing fast, doing well, walking and talking. Catch the video below.

Little Bride, Indy

Since we lost Joey, we have found relief in hearing updates not just about Rory, but their little one, Indiana. Fans have loved every smile on Indy’s photos and videos. Just picture the irresistible feeling of joy the latest blog of Rory brought when he published again on May 24. It was all about Indy. Rory’s niece, Rachel, had her bridal party at the barn on his property. The reception made him think of his middle daughter, Hopie, who sought happiness wearing an old wedding dress when she was a little girl. That gave him the idea of something he could do for Indy.

Father-Daughter Dance

Just as Rory expected, Indy’s wedding dress was adorable with the guests, and with Rachel. Indy spent most of the evening winding and swaying. Sweet as she is, she also shakes guest’s hands, embracing them, whether she knows them or not. Indy was more than excited to be wearing her pretty dress. Although Indy does not have any idea what a wedding reception is, she did know she is “bootiful.”

It was far past Indy’s bedtime by the time people started to go home. Sadly, the magical night for Indy had to end. However, Rory has something in store for Indy before they left to head back home. Rory took the opportunity to enjoy an endearing moment with Indy. Holding his baby girl in his arms, Rory danced to an old Keith Whitley song titled “I’m Over You” – the song that Rory and Joey used to dance to. He wrote about their special dance,

“And although Dalton got the first dance with the bride…I got the last dance with her. Well, with my little-bitty bride that is. It was to an old Keith Whitley song that her Mama and I used to dance to.”

Witness the sweetest thing one could ever see by watching the short video below.

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