November 16

Still Not a Solo Act: Rory Feek and Family Singing “If I Needed You”

Surely, you’ll love everything in this CBS Sunday Morning special. But, allow our indulgence to lead your attention to Rory still wearing his wedding ring while playing the guitar. That’s the motivation behind today’s pick.

“If I Needed You” – Rory Feek, Daughter Heidi, Hopie, and Indy with Dillon Hodges

…the girls and I so enjoyed spending the day earlier this week w Anthony Mason and the sweet folks from CBS Sunday Morning. #onfathersday #onceuponafarm

Posted by Rory Feek on Thursday, June 7, 2018

Still Keeping His Marital Vow

It’s been more than two years since Joey Feek’s passing, but Rory’s truly a man of his words. In another interview done by E! News, Rory said that he’ll never take off the ring as he still feels married to his late, wife, Joey and there will never be another one. Rory further revealed that Joey kept the ring on her finger when she was buried. For context, watch the full interview here.

A man who remains faithful to his spouse even after the death of one is a rarity nowadays.

Story-Telling in Real Life

When he’s not around singing, or playing with little Indy, Rory Feek does writing and film-making. He promised Joey that he’d keep their memories fresh by continually writing about their lives. His take may be one of the most straightforward and most ordinary, but the raw emotions captured in everyday lives make great stories. This approach proves to be worth its salt as Rory’s works made headlines like Josephine and To Joey, With Love.  His books are faring well, too. Be sure not to miss your copy of “This Life I Live,”  Rory’s narration about what life’s like when God gives you the right mate. Also, grab one “The Cow Said Nee for the kids and your grandkids.

Before you go, here’s a treat from our beloved Joey+Rory duo singing their version for today’s feature.


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