November 13

Sheena Easton vs Dolly Parton in “We’ve Got Tonight”

Welcome to the first episode of cover wars. In this segment of country daily, we will be comparing a song covered by different artists and you, the viewers will be the judge whose version is better.

In this episode, we will be comparing one of the iconic songs of Kenny Rogers featuring Sheena Easton and Dolly Parton.

The song “We’ve Got Tonight” is a piano-based ballad that was a hit single for American heartland rocker Bob Seger and his Silver Bullet Band.  This seduction ballad has been covered by numerous other artists, mostly with the spell-checker approved title of “We’ve Got Tonight.” In 1983, Kenny Rogers Recorded the song with Sheena Easton, making it the title track of his album. Their version topped the Billboard Country Charts for two weeks, from April 9 to 15.

Two of His Biggest Duets


After coming out to the international scene with the success of “Morning Train (Nine To Five)” in 1981, Sheena Easton rapidly became one of the biggest female acts in the music industry. She joined the musical forces with Kenny Rogers in ‘83 for a cover of Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight.”

Rogers on Easton: “Sheena was on Capitol at the same time I was. Jim Mazza had found ‘We’ve Got Tonight,’ which was a Bob Seger song. He said that we should do the song as a duet instead of me trying to compete with Bob Seger. She was so hot at the time and so gracious. She sang it so beautifully.”

Below is their version of the song and watch closely to see the difference between Easton’s style of singing to Dolly Parton’s vocal prowess.


Their duet was a pairing made in musical heaven. Country’s biggest male crossover star teams with the format’s biggest female crossover act. The two became the same with each other following the success of the song “Islands In The Stream,” and also topped the charts with the song “Real Love” in ’85. Rogers on Parton: “There’s a chemistry between us that is truly unique. It doesn’t matter where I go. On stage, I’ll talk about being blessed to sing duets with some of the most talented and beautiful women. I’ll start with Dottie West, Kim Carnes, and Sheena Easton, and then I say Dolly Parton, and the whole place goes crazy. I know there is a passion there from the audience for us.” 

Here is their version of the song. Watch closely and judge if the Dolly Parton brings this one home.

Not that I’m being biased, but in my opinion, Dolly Parton won this round. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below and watch out for the next episodes of Cover Wars.

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